from L to R: Jos, Graham, Clive, Matt, Brian and Maggie

Our Vision

Our Vision is:

  1. To have a working  Rotary Peace Bell in Albury Wodonga.
  2. To have primary and secondary schools in Albury and Wodonga engaged in making “Reflection on Peace” part of their curriculum and 
  3. Schools and Community use the Rotary Peace Bell as a focal point for reflective Celebrations.

Who we are?

We are: ordinary local citizens with a passion for peace.

Most of us are Rotarians and most of  the Rotarians are members of the Rotary Club of Wodonga West.

The Rotary Club of Wodonga West is the instigator and the main driver for this project.

With assistance from all Rotary Clubs in the greater Abury/Wodonga region, with the help of the Education providers, and with the help of the wider community and business people we will be able to bring the Rotary Peace Bell to Albury/Wodonga during 2022.

We need you and your help

Quoting JFK: : Do not ask yourself what the Rotary Peace Bell can do for you and your community but what YOU can do to assist in making this Rotary Peace Bell happen for Albury Wodonga.

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