Peacebell Personalised Pavers

Peacebell Personalised Pavers (no bricks, no artwork)

Contribute to the construction of the World Peace Bell Pagoda by having your name prominently displayed at the Peace Bell site.

As a sponsor for the project you can purchase the following pavers:



These standard name pavers have a size of 230 mm by 115 mm and 50 mm thick. Each standard name paver can have a maximum of 48 characters distributed over 3 lines. There is maximum of 16 characters per line. You, the purchaser,  need to specify all the characters per line.

You can also buy double name pavers ( 2 standard name pavers) or triple name pavers ( 3 standard pavers) or quadruple name pavers (4 standard name pavers).

When you order double, triple or quadruple name pavers they will come with an outline indicating that the pavers are part of one set. Due to this outline, there is only room for a smaller amount of characters.


Standard paver can have a maximum of 48 characters, split over 3 lines.

Double pavers can have a maximum of 84 characters, split over 6 lines.

Triple pavers can have a maximum of 126 characters, split over 9 lines.

Quadruple pavers can have a maximum of 168 characters, split over 12 lines.



Standard Paver               $ 50.00

Double paver                   $ 90.00

Triple paver                     $ 130.00

Quadruple paver            $ 170.00


After order and payment, you will be emailed two documents, 1:  confirming your order and payment. 2: A document that you need to complete with the text you require to be engraved on the pavers.   


Payment to:  BSB: 033 264   Account: 382 656  Account Name:  Rotary World Peace Bell. Please include the text PAV and your name

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