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The Rotary Peace Bell aims to introduce and reinforce the concept of Peace in the lives of our young people.

The requirement for all of us to exist in a peaceful environment is essential if we want to create an all inclusive and compassionate society.

Peace Education is the key to achieve this.

Not just Peace in the world but also around issues as domestic violence, bullying and anger management, just to mention a few.

Peace Education is not only about the future requirement but can incorporate historical events that have created Peace in the world.

This project will provide focus and symbolizes the drive to the ultimate achievement of lasting Global Peace.

The Rotary Peace Bell is to be rung on moments of reflection by schools, community or individuals.

As an example:
To celebrate acceptance and diversity
• Harmony Day 21 March
• National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence March
• National “Sorry Day” 26 may
• Celebrating International Day of Peace (UN) 21 Sept
• White Ribbon Day (to end violence against woman and girls) Nov
To celebrate historic events and the impact on World Peace
• Anzac day 25 April
• End of WW2 in the Pacific Region 2 Sept
• End of WW1, Treaty of Versailles 28 Jun
• Fall of Berlin Wall and German Reunification 3 Oct.
• Remembrance Day 11 Nov

The Rotary Peace Bell is to be incorporated in school curriculum

Schools Involvement in the Design

Schools are invited to participate in the design of the structure to hang the Rotary Peace Bell. 

Initiations have been emailed to the schools and entries will close on the 8th of April. If you still want to be involved please contact the secretary

This is only a conceptual design and will be detailed designed and engineered taking your conceptual design as a basis for detailing.

If your school is interested to participate in this design, please download details below.


How To Book The World Peace Bell ?

The World Peace Bell can be booked by filling in the booking form below.

You will then be contacted by one of the Rotary members and you will be informed where to collect the Striker.

After your event is finished you are requested to return the Striker to the location where you collected the striker unless other arrangements have been made.

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