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Community Involvement

The Rotary Peace Bell Albury Wodonga is not just a focal point for schools and students in the education for the need for Peace.

Peace is also important for the community we live in. We need to be safe on the streets, devoid of harassments, assaults and intimidation.

We need to live in harmony in our homes and at work and accept each other despite cultural and other differences

How can the Rotary Peace Bell assist in achieving these objectives?

Businesses, community groups, associations or just families and friends can book the Peace Bell and gather around the Bell to reflect on important events in their lives, celebrate achievements or to remind us of all of the fragility of life.

As an example, communities can come together to celebrate and strike the Bell:

  • National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, 21 March
  • National “sorry”, day 26 May
  • International Day of Peace, 21 September
  • ANZAC day, 25 April

Here you can see the “Australian World Peace Bell” in Cowra NSW in use by the community

How To Book The Rotary Peace Bell ?

The Rotary Peace Bell can be booked by filling in the Booking form below.

You will then be contacted by one of the Rotary members and you will be informed where to collect the Striker.

After your event is finished you are requested to return the Striker to the location where you collected the striker unless other arrangements have been made.

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