Rotary Peace Bell
Albury Wodonga

For a peaceful world, for everyone.

Who we are and what is the purpose?

The Rotary Peace Bell Albury Wodonga project  is a Rotary Club of Wodonga West  initiative to bring a Peace Bell to the Albury Wodonga region.

The aim is to install a large  Peace Bell in Albury Wodonga and this Bell to be a community focal point for Peace.

Peace, but not just in the World, Peace needs to be at Home, in the Streets, in the Schools and the Community.

All children deserve to grow up in a peaceful environment, free of aggression, free of bullying and domestic violence. A world where respect and acceptance of diversity is the norm and not the exception.

A Peace Bell is a focal point for celebrating Peace and this Bell can and will be strung on events related to Peace, acceptance of diversity and moments of reflection.

Background on the Bell

What does the Peace Bell signify?

Ceremonies are held at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in September each year as well as on the International Day of Peace on September 21.

At these ceremonies, the World Peace Bell, located at the UN Headquarters,  is rung in honor of World Peace by the Secretary General, UN executives, and other public figures.

The Rotary Peace Bell for Albury/Wodonga  is a copy of this World Peace Bell and  measures three feet, three inches in height, two feet in diameter at its base, and weights 256 pounds.

In general, a World Peace Bell is housed in a typical Japanese Shinto shrine-like structure and inscribed on one side of the bell, in Japanese characters, the words, “Long Live  World Peace”.

There are now over twenty World Peace Bells located around the World.

In Australia we have already two World Peace Bells, one in Cowra NSW and one in Canberra ACT.

Peace Bells are respected and stand as a symbol where people unite in a prayer for peace and to remind all of the cruelty of war and aggression, and the preciousness of peace for the generations to come.


A Rotary Club of Wodonga West initiative to increase the awareness of Peace in the local community, the schools, in the streets and at home.
Promotion of Peace by education at all levels of society will reduce bullying, aggression, domestic violence and will produce a more caring and inclusive society.
Promotion of Peace by inclusive participation in Peace driven events will reduce anxiety, depression and suicide and will promote diversity and a more compassionate society.

What we do to make this happen

We involve schools

Education of our younger generation on the requirements for Peace is paramount and the Key objective of this project.

Students and teachers of all primary and secondary schools in Albury and Wodonga are part of this Peace initiative.


We raise funds

The objective is to raise $80.000 to pay for the Rotary  Peace Bell, the structure to hang the bell and to prepare and landscape the surrounds.

Deatils about the way funds will be raised can be found under the tag: fundraising

We involve the community

Community engagement is essential. Without the support from the local community this noble initiative will not occur.

The community will be one of the main users of the World Peace Bell and will form a focal point for reflective celebrations.

We organize and make it happen

The Rotary Club of Wodonga West is the main driver for the project 

Both the City of Wodonga and Albury City are enthusiastically supporting the project as a key objective for Two Cities One Community.

We get you involved

The Project Team charged with the implementation would love to get you involved, by donating goods and / or services, by financially supporting the project or by simply assisting when works need to be done.

If you are interesting in participating and want to contribute to an excellent cause, please refer to the contact tag on the top of this page

Together we celebrate

Let us celebrate Peace, in our hearts and in our minds. 

Peace to be with us all and we all should be ambassadors for the noble cause of Peace.

Lets do it: For the Children’s sake.

Donate to Us

Would you like to help?
Your donation can turn a small “Ping” into a big “Ding”

We need You and Your Help

Without help from the wider community and volunteers in donating time, goods and services or money, this project will be difficult to realize.

Please, if you are of the opinion that this is a worthwhile cause and would like to contribute, click on the Contact Us button or register your willingness to volunteer by clicking the VOLUNTEER button below.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Jos Weemaes

On behalf or the Rotary Club of Wodonga West.
Chairman: Rotary Peace Bell Albury Wodonga

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